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Attitude Adjustment

Yesterday morning – when my alarm went off at 5:10 – I woke up and thought a whole slew of negative things (and possibly “swears” as well, although it was far too early to vocalize any of them) – I thought the following:

  • Bootcamp is stupid
  • Why do I sign up for stupid things
  • I hate waking up early, “I’m a night person”
  • Waking up early is stupid
  • I’m tired
  • 5am is stupid
  • Bootcamp is the worst

My life is so terrible, right:razz:

After Bootcamp, here’s what I was thinking:

  • Whew!  I feel GREAT!
  • Holy cow, I got in an awesome workout and it’s not even 7am
  • Bootcamp is awesome!
  • I am so glad I signed up for bootcamp
  • I’m really smart for doing bootcamp

Talk about attitude adjustment! :wink:

Don’t you love my early morning dramatics?  :razz:

Since I was able to get my act together Sunday night – I was able to have all of my spicy oats supplies ready – so that Monday morning I could take on the week, full force :grin:Picture 110Another shot (Kath-esque even?) of this beautiful oatmeal:Picture 113Spicy deliciousness!  :mrgreen:

We got A HUGE tub of popcorn at work, from one of the sales reps, as a “thank you” – and I just couldn’t help but test it out to make sure it was safe for my colleagues to eat!  :razz:Picture 116It passed inspection!  :wink:

Lunch – boring (sans spinach – it still looked nasty this week at the store) salad:Picture 118My liquid crack, and carrots to go along side:Picture 121Have any of you had bagged baby carrots that had “the funk”? I just opened this bag yesterday – and when I put one in my mouth, it was like I was eating nail polish/cleaning fluid soaked garbage!  I mean – IT’S A CARROT?!  It shouldn’t taste like that.  Any thoughts on to why that would happen?  Barf – I ended up throwing them all away!  :(

For a snack, I was happy to be eating this, sad to finally polish off the jar:Picture 124I heart you Dark Chocolate Dreams – I heart you!

Spread on some apple slice and an orange.  Can you tell who’s hiding under the plate?Picture 122Give up?Picture 125Elmo! :razz:

Ahh, the fun of working at American Greetings!  :mrgreen:

For dinner, Mike started “milkin'” his birthday – and requested we go to Cici’s.   I’m a sucker for a hot boy, so I couldn’t turn him down!

Jumbo salad (my fav part of Cici’s):Picture 126Some of their cold pasta salad – I swear they put crack-like additives in there, I’m obsessed with this stuff!Picture 129and even though I was “full” after those two plates, I decided I should at least try to eat 1 piece of pizza, since it IS a pizza buffett:Picture 130Except 4 pieces “acccidentally” came back with me.  I didn’t even want to eat all of them, but somehow they all magically disappeared.  Oops! :shock:

Hope you are having a great week!  I can’t believe it’s JUNE already!!!


28 years ago today – my fabulous, wonderful husband came in to this world.  :mrgreen:

Want to know why he’s fabulous and wonderful?  Let me show you all the ways! :wink:

He loves his friends very much:n1374976462_30058750_8181n1374976462_30024644_6220He’s always my partner in crime:From camera before Mexico 074scary face - cricksHe a great “Daddy” – he does loves Lando – no matter how many times he tells me he doesn’t!  :razz:Picture 082He’s always willing to have fun, especially when other’s aren’t!From camera before Mexico 172He’ll mess you up, if you mess with us!  :razz:From camera before Mexico 161He doesn’t take himself too seriously!  :grin:mohawkHe’s so incredibly good looking, he could run for office – VOTE MIKE, 2012!  :wink:Copy of john6He’s incredibly supportive of everything I do!Picture 0782009_051809May0011He put’s up with my silly-ness:From camera before Mexico 011n30120541_33168049_6453and best of all…I love him, and he loves me!  :grin:Our Wedding 575Picture 088Our Wedding 416Happy Birthday my love!!!!  Thank you for being you!!! :mrgreen:

I heart Frank

Maybe not so much Frank, but I’m having a torrid love affair with the man’s hot sauce.  (Sorry Mike!)  Doesn’t matter the style or flavor – I LOVE IT!  :grin:

Frank’s Flavor of the day:  Buffalo!!

Sunday our groceries were quickly dwindling, so I made the most appetizing breakfast I could scrounge up – an egg sammich:Picture 089Mike and I ran a few errands, and took another 6.5  mile walk, and by the time we got home – I was ravenous, but only had VERY random groceries to try and create lunch with.

I put my kindergarten “thinking cap” on – and came up with a doozie!  :razz:

Smashed chickpea salad:Picture 090I took 1 serving of chickpeas, chopped up a red onion, and added about 1.5 tbsp of light ranch dressing – AND THEN….

….put a slice of swiss cheese on top, microwaved it for 30 seconds so it got all melty, and topped the cheese with Frank’s BUFFALO, and dried chives:Picture 094HOLY MOLY! This thing was elevenity billion times better than I could have ever imagined!  I LOVED IT!  I’ve already thought of about 15 changes/substitutions I could make just to change it up – it was so easy, so good, AND SO QUICK! :mrgreen:

I had my open faced sammich with a side salad:Picture 095That had:

  • banana peppers
  • red bell peppers
  • chickpeas
  • wasabi peas

FANTASTIC “whipped up” lunch!!  :grin:

My brother was home again from OSU (woot woot! GO BUCKS!), so my mom had all of us over for dinner, as well as my Grandparents!

She had quite the spread of appetizers to pick at while my Dad was grilling!

Blackberries and raspberries:Picture 098Super tart, but super delicious!

New hummus! (I get WAY too excited for new hummus flavors!)  :razz:

This one was “Spicy Cilantro“:Picture 100Review: It had a similar (although slightly chalkier) taste to Sabra – and the taste wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t my favorite.  Personally, I didn’t find the “spicy” at all (although Mom and Timmy said they tasted the kick), and cilantro can be a little overwhelming for my taste buds when it comes in large quantities.  I don’t think I’d ever buy this flavor for myself, but it was nice to “taste test” at my Mom!

More hummus – Tribe Sweet Roasted Red Pepper:Picture 101I’ve always loved this one – you CAN’T go wrong with Roasted Red Pepper hummus!

The grill master (aka – Dad) asked to not be photographed, but did still want to show off his handi-work:Picture 103As well as his secret recipe for making the best grilled chicken I’ve ever tasted.  Are you ready?!?!Picture 105It’s Garlic Powder, Salt, and Pepper.  I know that might seem easy – but my Dad always manages to put on just the right amount to make it absolutely fabulous!!  :grin:

Helped myself to some free DC while I was waiting to be served dinner.  Don’t ya just love going back to your parents house for meals?  :wink:Picture 106The final presentation:Picture 109AMAZING!   The chicken totally  knocked my socks off – as usual, and I drizzled a WHOLE LOTTA Frank’s Buffalo on my potato.  The beans ended up going in the garbage, they tasted horrible and were so wet and squishy.  (Sorry Momma – wasn’t you, was the weird frozen bag they came from).  A perfect end to a very busy weekend!  :mrgreen:

After a long day Friday – we were in for another long one on Saturday!   By the time we got up and moving (the first few hours of the day involved lounging on the couch, watching the news, and blog reading), I was more hungry for lunch than breakfast – so Mike and I grabbed Subway.  I got turkey on wheat with veggies and a little bit of light mayo:Picture 020While we ate, we watched an episode of Mad Men, and I found this little bug who felt like being a cuddle bean – look at that face?  Doesn’t your heart just melt?!Picture 024Once she got comfortable – she REALLY got comfortable – look at how goofy she is when she stretches out, she looks ODDLY long!  Gee, I hope I’m not in her way!  :razz:Picture 029After eating/TV time, Mike and I got in a 5 mile walk, and then got dressed and headed downtown to meet his parents in the “Little Italy” area of Cleveland.newhomephoto2This area is very old, and very well known if you are a native Cleveland-er, so with all the history and diversity, it’s a really fun place to hang out/check out.  It’s literally store front, after store front of amazing Italian eateries and bakeries!  I think you gain 5 pounds just walking up the street! :grin:

There are so many restauratnts (almost all of them award winning), that it can be hard to choose where to eat.  Luckily – my in-laws are pretty great at decision making (I HATE decision making it stresses me out), so we ended up at Mama Santa’s – my personal favorite!!!  :mrgreen:11795811411I had such a hard time deciding what to get (see above re: decision making), I really wanted pizza, but I didn’t know what I wanted for toppings, so I ended up going with Cheese Ravioli instead:Picture 037Verdict?  You could tell it was homemade pasta, and the sauce was AMAZING, but overall, I wasn’t too impressed.  The inside of the ravioli was really watery, and I found some random hard chunk-o’-something in the dish (although – as long as it couldn’t have killed me, I don’t freak or send things back when that happens, I used to work in the restaurant industry, so I get that sort of thing can occur.)  I really should have just gotten the pizza because I know it is TO DIE FOR!   But Mike really liked his dish, so I know I can get him back down there – which means – hey there’s always next time!  :wink:

Then, we headed downtown for the Indians game!Picture 083It was a PERFECT NIGHT for a ball game!Picture 085My dad’s entire side of the family was at the game too, and it turned out – there were 2 sections away from us!  My dad actually snagged a picture of me waving across the statidum!  (*But forgot to send it to me, so I can’t post it!)

Even though I had pasta for “linner” – I couldn’t pass up the opportunity for ball park nachos – that would just be Unamerican! :wink:Picture 043Cheesy mess with HOT jalapenos and salsa!  I enjoyed every single solitary bite!  :mrgreen:

June (my MIL) brought these fun little treats, which I jumped at the chance to try (HELLO – MINT CHOCOLATE?!  I’m in!)Picture 054This was a really really tasty “chew” (only 20 calories) – it tasted EXACTLY like mint chocolate chip ice cream – the only thing that threw me off – was that it wasn’t cold.  So my tastebuds/brain was totally confused – I was eating a flavor that I only ever eat cold.  WEIRD!  :grin:Picture 082Quick shot of the Cleveland skyline, doesn’t the sky look pretty?  (It’s a love/hate relationship I have with C-town)  :wink:Picture 084Best part of all?  I got to spend more time with this good looking guy:  Picture 088Even though the Indians lost (yeah, we knew that was going to happen before the game started) – it was a fantastic way to spend a Saturday!  Thanks Dan and June for a great night out!!! :mrgreen:

Koala Open

Friday was the third annual “Koala Open” golf outing at my work.  The whole event is in honor of a co-worker that passed away a few years ago, and all of the proceeds go to an education fund for her two little boys.  On top of that – you get a free half day off work – who could pass that up:wink:Picture 053I did go into work from about 8 to 11 to tie up any outstanding issues – and took the best breakfast around with me:Picture 051At 11, I ran home to pick up all my golfing supplies – and got right back on the road.  I knew lunch at the golf course was going to be all beef hotdogs, so I snacked on a z-bar in the car instead.Picture 052The event is a golf “scramble” (Let me clear this up – I’ve touched golf clubs twice in my life, once was just at a driving range, and once was with some of my girlfriends in high school just goofing around) – with teams of 4.

Look at this hot guy who I convinced to be on my team:Picture 078Get a free day off of work, AND get to play with my super hot husband?  Gee, you’ll have to twist my arm.  :razz:

The rest of our team:Picture 060Tracy J. and Traci K.!  :grin:

As the day progressed, we realized very quickly that we were the worst team out on the course, but that was okay, because we were really having a blast.  Here’s the very serious balls that Tracy brought along for us to you:Picture 061Who wouldn’t take us seriously? :wink:

Here I am, loving the gorgeous day we had, and throughouly enjoying myself and the company I was with:Picture 064I did a pretty decent job golfing all things considered.  Somtimes, I’d barely connect with the ball, and it would dribble about 20 feet ahead of our current spot, and other times, I really connect with it – but it always hooked WAY to the right.

One of the best swings I had for the day – went so far – we had to go searching for it.  When we found it – look what I had done:Picture 077Or at least I thought I was that strong and awesome (so did my team) for about 30 seconds.  Then we found my actual ball, which looked exactly like this one, just completely intact.  Turns out, I’m not Hercules!  :shock:

Eye candy on the green:Picture 068It took us from noon until about 5:30 to complete the 18 holes – and while we really had a great time – our team was TIRED and ready for it be over by hole 16.  We came in a good 30+ over par:lol:

When we got back to the clubhouse, they had our dinner party ready.  I was able to get a Boca burger, which made me super excited because I was starving – and I grabbed a big heaping portion of cheesy potatoes, since I’d really only eaten a a z-bar since breakfast (and maybe a few RedVines and Miller Lites on the course!)  :razz:Picture 079Side salad to go with it all:Picture 080The awards started up at we were finishing dinner, and my team OBVIOUSLY had zero hopes of winning anything.  That was – until we heard them announce there was a prize for last place – then all of our ears perked up.

Sure enough – WE WON!Picture 081We got the “Booby Prize” – and each member of the team got an award, as well as a certificate for a free bucket of golf balls at the driving range.  Not too shabby, huh??  :wink:

After we’d dropped off our borrowed golf clubs, and picked up pretty Lando, we headed out to the bar for a few drinks.  We didn’t stay out too late, and it was a fairly low key night – but I had to show this to you guys.

There’s a newer smoking law in Cleveland, where you HAVE to go outside to smoke now (you used to be able to smoke in bars as late as 2007 I think!) – and when it changed, I was SO happy because I didn’t have to wake up stinking like an ashtray just because I’d gone to the bar the previous evening.

I know some of my smoking friends weren’t happy, and I understand that.  It also appears these bar patrons aren’t too happy about it.  This couple left their drinks unattended to go outside and smoke – and left this sign:Picture 009I figured out the letters at the bottom immediately.  I don’t know why, but it just clicked.  Let’s see how crafty you are, what do you the “PLMFDA” stands for? :grin:


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